180613 The video assistant comes alive on World Cup!

Eyes and cameras on the World Cup!
The World Cup is starting tomorrow and we are all waiting for the first match between Russia and Saudi Arabia! Besides fans, coaches and referees that will keep their eyes on the players during the whole competition – advanced technological tools will help them making their best and, since we love talking about sports technologies in our blog, we want to describe some of the most interesting tools that will be used.

First of all, goal-line technology, that makes use of information gathered from 14 high-speed cameras, will allow to determine if the ball crossed the goal line. This is not something completely new, since this technology has already been used in the previous World Cup, in Brazil. What is completely new, instead, is VAR, the video assistant referee. This tool makes videos available to a referee that, watching carefully at the action, can give advice to his colleague placed on the field. The videos are also enriched with computer-generated lines that, projected onto the image, make it easier to determine the offside position.

Finally, every team’s technical and medical staff will be able to access positional data from two optical tracking cameras together with videos from tactical cameras. Information will be delivered in real-time, allowing coaches to quickly change their strategy and adapt it to the game.

We hope that these technologies will make the competitions even more enjoyable and dynamic. May the best team win!