180330 A fun way of getting into shape

Nowadays, we are constantly connected to our smartphones: we use our mobile devices to keep in touch with friends, surf the internet, listen to music, take pictures and we even use them as tickets when we get on the bus.
Also the way we train, of course, is being revolutionized by smartphones. Do you think that only the elite athletes and soccer teams that you see on TV can benefit from these technologies? Then, you might need to rethink about it: researchers from the United States found that fitness apps help people being more active and willing to exercise (http://www.jmir.org/2015/8/e195/).
There are several apps available that monitor your movements, calculate your energy expenditure and keep track of the statistics collected during your training sessions. Their features depend on the particular sport they are designed for and a great variety of choices is available, from running to swimming, from cycling to boxing.
You have no more excuses: check the app that better suits you and start training!
And it is fun!