180330 What do you think of science?

Another blog? Yeah sure – will we succeed in making it interesting?
Who will read it?
Our project takes on challenges – yes we do, we create new models for science to reach out and to take the smoothe ride to market. Our project works with demand driven science, starting from end users and companies to contribute to regional growth.
Internet of Sports is our thing, it is broad and includes a lot of high tech…..this is more fun than you can imagine!
We have a few cases going on in our project with our national ski teams and regional companies – you will hear more about this here on the blog, and much more – related to what we do.
I recently wrote a mini-book about communicating through our foreheads – I mean forehead to forehead, the same when catching a cab, you just direct your forehead towards the driverless cab and it says: “Goodmorning Kee Bergman” with an out of space kind of voice.
Yes, high tech is wonderful, but can it also be other things? Elon Musk says Artificiell Intelligens (AI) can be dangerous – why? What is your opinion?
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We´re game!