180405 Cool companies that brings the future

Headquarter today: Burning up from innovative ideas!
What is a cool company? Does it contain lots of Internet of Sports or just lots of ground breaking high tech? Or a certain mentality? What do you think?
A cool company to me is a company with a leadership that is not afraid to do what has never been done, a leadership with an open mind to anything that crosses his/ her path – that does not “belittle” people and that has a drive to search for new ideas! A leadership that does not shut down anything before looking at it with the thought:”Lets check so that I dont miss out…”
Our project works with cool companies – they are aware and ready with an open mind to whatever the future might bring.
Future Eyewear, Trangia and Marsblade are all companies that will be a part of strengthening the region by their international products – we are working closely with them in selected cases. Trangia is the most unusual though, since ancient times they have produced the same cooking system for outdoor wellness and hiking, and still are – and it works! We tread carefully to “sensorize” them, as this regional “pearl” is already a major actor in several countries. Sometimes you cannot be King in your own country, maybe because you are an oddball or not as high tech as the rest of the crowd – but who cares? As long as you bring an open and innovative mind!
I will get back on this issue – how important an open mentality is for success.