180423 How about a date in the cloud with an artificial embryo?

Many people see this year as the real breakthrough for artificial intelligence. The more I get into it – the more I learn about how interesting it is. It is actually more accesible than you think, just give it a chance and you will see.
I believe that we have to make science and high tech more “easy access” for everyone, we are on our way but still not there. In the project we are running the initiative State of the Q that aims to make science easier to access for women. It aims to inspire potential female leaders that want to be a part of bringing ideas on what to research or invent. There are many female programmers, but when we get into the more “heavy” high tech most people are men.
I never think about it that much though, except for when we do brainstorming. Men and women have different angles on ideas, and development tend to escalate to new heights when both men and women are involved. I believe in differences – out of this comes groundbreaking crossovers that we could not even think about before!