180520 A cool spectator experience – let´s get an assistant!

Google has recently showed what Google’s assistant is now able to do: it can make phone calls and, accessing the schedule of its owner, it can book appointments for them. Imagine how incredible it would be to use a similar tool during sports events? For example, you could ask a virtual assistant what a player is doing, where he is positioned on the field, or what his contribution to the team is.
This is only one example of how machine learning and artificial intelligence can be used to bring contents to fans in a completely new and innovative way. However, there are several other situations where they can contribute to improve the videos that are shown during a match. In fact, these algorithms are able to automatically select the camera that shows the best view of the game or even select the shots so that the attention is focused on your favourite team’s actions. Sounds good if you are watching!
All these features will allow us to involve even more people in sports events, making their experience unique and personalized!