180520 Understanding data can change your life….?

Nowadays, the state of art of wearable technologies opens the possibility to get a huge amount of data, since wearing sensors during the whole day allows to monitor several parameters. Moreover, the broad usage of these technologies allows anybody, from amateur to professional athletes, to access information about their performance during a training session.
But have you ever wondered if those data are accurate? This is an important issue, since companies that produce wearables should make sure that the information that their devices provide is not misleading.
Moreover, wouldn’t you like to make the best use out of those data, being able to fully understand their meaning? Wearables cannot provide the mere values that have been measured, but they should be able to give recommendations to the users.
This is the direction that has to be taken in the future in order to improve these technologies and artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques represent a powerful tool to reach this goal, allowing the management and analysis of all these data.
In the project we aim to create solutions for both top athletes and public health – our project wants to be one of the powerful tools in this.