180522 Professor Yunus dreams of a new world where sports help reaching social goals.

Social business and sports belongs together! Sports are of great importance in today´s social challenges.
Professor Muhammad Yunus, Nobel peace prize laureate, was able to involve the audience with his inspiring speech in Lausanne. Professor Yunus dreams of a world of three zeroes:
· zero poverty
· zero unemployment
· zero net carbon emission
Nowadays, the 8% of people is richer than the remaining 92%, so we need to find a way to help the underdeveloped regions of the planet. Usually, we tend to think of business as a way to make money, but companies should also promote a different business model that aims to give support to poor people: we then talk about “social business”.
How can sport help reaching this goal?
Let’s think about the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016: this event has been an opportunity to create a social business and the International Olympic Commitee (IOC), for sure, has got powerful means to do it. A simple idea, as an example, could be this: the IOC could promote and deliver a social message against drugs with a slogan and make a social business in rehabilitation.
Moreover, the continuous growth and evolution of technology can be a helpful and powerful tool to improve our lives, but we have to make sure that we use it in a way that doesn’t threaten our planet. Let’s think about artificial intelligence and machine learning, for example: we should develop and deploy these technique in such a way that can guarantee the well-being of everybody.
We wish that any company will give its contribute to create a social business and build a world of three zeroes.