180525 Let us grow with eSports, fasten your seat belt…!

I am back with eSports in this post, it is such a fast growing market!

Now I would like to describe how companies will take advantage of this. Since the interest in eSports is fairly new, the market is growing and changing quickly, giving new opportunities to start a business in this area. Of course, companies do not aim only to sell videogames: there is a huge market behind the merchandising and events organization.

The first important considerations are related to the kind of fans that are interested in eSports: young people, between the ages of 16 and 28. This information is important to understand – the target of eSports. In traditional sports, on the other hand, the audience is much more differentiated and therefore it is harder to develop specific communication strategies.
Merchandising is a huge source of revenue: it includes the sale of game-related equipment (joysticks, headphones etc), but also gadgets like t-shirts with the characters face printed on them, caps with the name of the game etc.
The most popular games attract more people and therefore they require the organization of bigger events. In Las Vegas, for example, new arenas were built to host eSports competitions. Moreover, bootcamp spaces for players have been created so that people can meet and spend time together while playing in rooms with fast-speed internet connection.
Las Vegas has also found a way to integrate eSports events together with its most popular activity: gambling (I dont know if that is an advantage in the long run…)

In conclusion, the world of eSports is a fast-growing and unpredictable environment, where new games appear and disappear quickly. What is certain, though, is that there are huge possibilities for companies to invest in this market.

We are touching it with the new regional project in gamification, run by Peak Region, this is why this is an important matter also for us here.