Staff, from left to right:
Gunmarie Persson, Hospitality Industry/social media
Kee Bergman, Project Manager/Market strategist
Benedikt Fasel, Case Supervisor/Doctor
Matej Supej, Senior Supervisor/Professor
HC Holmberg, International Senior Supervisor/Professor
Magnus Jacobsson, App developer
Michaela Hoernfeldt, Programmer
Alessandro Galloppini, Performance Engineer
Mathias Gilgien, Case Supervisor/Associate Professor
Adam Olofsson, Programmer
Mads Kjaer Madsen, Internships
Lars Hallstroem, Internships
Gustaf Holst, Internship inlines
Sophie Brundin, Internship public health
Marko Laaksonen, Senior Supervisor/Associate Professor
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With our excellent knowledge within sports- and performance technology, we create solutions and products that are not yet out there, we create tracking systems, working with sensor technology, Artificial Intelligence and many things within sports, health and outdoor that might come our way.

180529 The era of holistic thinking

Interesting….when we work within our project we put a priority to making data understandable so that teams can reach new goals.

Innovation Enterprice writes:
“Since data analytics began to make a widespread impact in sport, the focus has been on a team’s ability to collect as much data as possible. Such is the wealth of hardware behind sports analytics programs today that there is scarcely a metric imaginable that cannot be tracked, logged, and analyzed in isolation. The problem with this rush for data acquisition is that teams have been swamped with a sea of largely unstructured, unconnected data, from which they are expected to draw insight.

2018 will see the conversation continue to shift toward the identification of the metrics that are actually useful, and the work to connect these metrics to draw a more holistic picture of an athlete’s data. The coming year will be less about measuring every aspect of a team or athlete’s performance, and more about working to make the hordes of data collected actionable for the coaches that eventually put them into use. This has been part of the sports analytics conversation for some time, but 2018 should be the year that clubs and organizations finally get it right.”

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