180616 Touchscreen T-Shirts Only a Few Years Away?

What if you did not have to keep your phone close, your ipad or your digital gadget?
You do not need to – because you are wearing it! From what I learn T-shirts with touch screens built into them is only a few years away, and that probably means faster! I am excited, and I am now waiting for my T-shirt to start talking, I will be able to adress the sleve, the neck or the back of my T-shirts – sounds great! Soon we will be wearing it inside our bodies, so stay tuned and wait for voices coming from within.

Under Armour has already officially unveiled Armour39, its next generation of wearable technology. Armour39 measures what matters most- will power. This is an athletic performance monitoring system that measures how hard an athlete pushes him or herself during a workout.
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