180625 Can sleep give you super powers?

How much power do I gain if I sleep right?
Like….will I become Superwoman?
I was just thinking about how much we humans sleep, but I realized that my cats sleep 16 hours when I sleep 8 only. I was also thinking about being “jet-legged”. I always get that “thing” when I travel between Sweden and the US, my sleep is a mess and my head goes round like a ping-pong-ball. Sleep is crucial.

And now the next big high tech moment is here!
Sleepscore has launched their mobile app!
It is designed for “sleep-tracking” by using your smartphone´s microphone and speaker to detect sleep patterns. I like it a lot! Sleepscore is a part of a digital health movement.
Soccer player Christiano Ronaldo has signed on to endorse Sleepscore Labs, and who knows, I might find my way in:-)

Sleep is very important, just as much as exercise and nutrition. How you sleep will impact everything you do in life, how you perform at school, at work or in sports.
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