180628 Elon Musk and I

I am sure it means something!
Today it is our birthday, Elon and I – even though I never celebrate birthdays. I just cannot see anything fun with those. They can never measure up to meeting a new life form, a new robot, playing around with a brand new technology that screams back at you – just the thought of technology screaming back at me makes me excited!

Yes, my team will notice that they dont hear from me on their birthdays – but they hear from me when it comes to the great work that they do, in that case we can celebrate every day! (but lets not go overboard, cakes will make you slow, and slow is not an option here)
So Elon….developing exciting technology going out in space, we both have an interest in rockets and space! I have caused many explosions in the uni-lab, and Elon is causing them when shooting up rockets and space crafts!
I am sure that the future will tell that we are very much alike in our minds, and that our generation truly is the ground breaking generation, that I so often write about.
Yes, how true.
One of my fav pictures below from the website GQ:
(Unfortunately I don´t have one of myself blowing up the uni-lab)