180709 I am a superhero while skiing! Check out exoskeletons!

Do you know what exoskeletons are?
They are wereable devices, similar to an armour, that can enhance your strength and endurance – like Doctor Octopus’s exoskeleton! They can usually be found in military, medical and insustrial applications, however, today I want to talk about a very special exoskeleton!

Roam robotics has developed a ski exoskeleton that, acting on the knees, can assist skiers during their activity, allowing them to access more challenging slopes, making their turns stronger and guaranteeing higher safety. Such a great device can make athletes, from amateur to elite level, enjoy the sport even more!

This product is also an amazing example of technological innovations. A software, making use of machine learning algorithms, analyzes the data collected by sensors and can quickly take a decision on the action that is required. The decision is then communicated to actuators that can start assisting the skier even before the beginning of a turn. Moreover, the whole system is made of light materials, making the total weight very low.
Check out this device on video and you will see what I am talking about: https://www.roamrobotics.com/ski-reservations/

Check this out from Ski Mojo:


Stay tuned if you want to keep updated on our team’s work!
Our goal is to develop products that will be as innovative as this exoskeleton!