180716 The era of sensorized hot dogs! What does it taste…juicy and fresh?

What do you think about “hot dog eating contests”?
Today I want to write about an unusual competition! Hot dog eating contests! What do you think if I say that sensors are the special ingredient?
Well, I am not talking about eating sensors, but somebody has thought about using them in order to make these competitions even more enjoyable, like spices in Indian food! Every year, on the 4th of July, Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest takes place. This year, Joey Chestnut ate 64 hot dogs in 10 minutes, winning the competition. After a review, though, an error in the counting was found: the winner had actually eaten 74 hot dogs, breaking the world record! This mistake made Rich Shea, Major League Eating president, think of bringing technological solutions to this contest. Shea suggested different ideas, even joking about putting microchips on the tongue or inside the hot dogs!

No solution has been found yet (if you come up with a good idea, you could contact Mr. Shea!), but the reason why I wrote this post is actually to make you think about the impact that technology has got in our lives: it is such a big impact that everybody, not only scientists, is willing to welcome new technologies in EVERY possible field, even when it comes to hot dog eating contests. This means that we got to a point where people are so open to new technologies that it should not be difficult to make them understand and embrace any new product or solution that is coming out!

Meet the 2018 champions here, and learn about their technique: