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Magnus Jacobsson, App developer
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Alessandro Galloppini, Performance Engineer
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180718 More high tech, but simple…sensors in your mouth might make sports safer!

Are you competing or exercising to stay healthy? When I write my posts, I try talking about as many sports as possible, so that I can target as many people as possible and make you all get closer to sports and physical exercise. Today I want to introduce to our readers a device that can be used for different activities, from soccer to rugby, from boxing to mixed martial arts. What do all these sports have in common?
They are fun and challenging, they keep you in shape and give you the possibility to meet new people, but they are also exposed to the risk of brain injuries. There are different technological solutions on the market that monitor concusssion’s risk: they provide information about it using LED and they are usually placed on your head.

FITGuard though, offers a different approach. In this case, sensors are placed on the mouthguard, and it is not there for you to chew on them!
Since clinical studies suggest that this positioning, as opposed to placing an accessory on a helmet or a chinstrap, guarantees a higher correlation to the center of gravity of the brain. This device measures linear and angular accelerations and compares them with values stored in a database. The information can be adapted to the users, according to their age, weight and gender and showed in an app, where the whole registry can be seen by the athlete, coaches and parents/ family. This is a great device that allows people to enjoy their sports in safety, without renouncing to the fun!
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