180719 The most hot stadiums in the world – and support our own!

These sunny days are great for inspiration!
I was just taking a look at sports arenas to see what we can learn from the world. It is all very high tech, but I like it – and would like to see it at our home arena in Ostersund, Sweden. We just need a lot more funds, and I do believe that investors could be interested in high tech and futuristic designs – so please be more brave! Like I always say….it is about mentality.
The arena village has a nice website, check what is going on at the stadium in Ostersund: http://arenabyn.se/nyheter/

Below, a few pictures of some arenas that can inspire to new thoughts and suggestions for our own stadiums. We are totally sold on space:-)
(Picture below from Trendhunter Special: Zaha Hadid new national stadium, Tokyo, Japan)
Spaceship-Inspired Stadiums
(This one below will be built for the Atlanta Falcons, picture from Business Insider)
Falcons Stadium