180720 Virtual Reality baseball coach…cool?

Virtual reality baseball coach
How many of you are into baseball? Playing? Watching?
Being a baseball batter is not easy: you have to face the opposing pitcher, observe the pitcher’s movements, recognize the ball’s trajectory and react in order to throw the ball as far as possible to produce offense for your team. However, all these actions have to be taken in a very short time. As for many other sports, learning the correct technique requires a lot of practice. Recreating pitches with mechanical devices or videos doesn’t allow to represent the whole complexity of the pitcher’s and ball’s movements. This is where virtual reality joins the game!

EON Reality and EON Sports have developed a VR batting simulator that helps batters improving their pitch recognition skills. Pitch data have been collected from real professional players, making the product as realistic and reliable as possible. The Tampa Bay Rays improved their home-runs and runs performance in the 2016 season, after training with this system: virtual realiy is training the current and future baseball champions!
(From the EON Sports website)