180721 Can sports make me live longer?

One of the goals of our Internet of Sports project is to contribute to public health.
I have always been into competitive sports, I started when I was 2 years old and continued with several different sports and also studied to become a physical trainer. Sports on all levels is a lifestyle, and if you are a part of this lifestyle it all natural – you just do it!
Sports has a great advantage – it does not have to be tough or competitive, it can be just be walking or jogging half an hour a day.
But you need to get your heart pumping. Circulate!
Circulation is the key, and it is also about living a nice life being able to do what you really want because you are healthy and can do so.

Adults participating in a high overall level of sports and exercise are at 34 % lower risk of dealth according to “The Conversation”, than those who never or rarely engage in such activities. This generic evidence, however, does not imply that all sports equally affect health. Some sports might be more efficient than others.
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(Picture from “The Conversation”)