180727 Clouds are approaching your gym

No, it is not going to rain inside your gym!
Clouds are starting to be used more frequently in training environments. The clouds I am talking about are a kind of technological tool that, working with sensors, apps and Internet allows us to record, process, store, share different information as data.

Technology is going to bring a huge innovation in the management and use of gyms! Owners and employees can now use their laptops, tablets or smartphones to keep track of when, for how long and how their equipment is being used during one day, several days or even months. This allows you to monitor if your treadmill is being used, how much weight is being lifted by a certain person and even how many people have attended a certain class. The information can be collected easily and you can make use of the data to better understand if you are making the most of your gym!

(Picture below from Cloud County CC, go guys!)