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180815 Sunshine story: 12-year old built a real-time archery coaching system

I came across this amazing “high-tech-development-story” that I like to share with you guys!
(Below text and photo from the article at Sportstechie)
When I got to practice at the range without my coach, I found it really hard,” Sriram explained. “I got the same feedback class after class because I couldn’t improve my form practicing alone. My friends in my class also had the same kind of problem.”

So Sriram set out to create something that would help him and his classmates. Archery Assistant uses flex sensors that connect to a phone via blue tooth, plus the accelerometers and gyroscopes in a smartphone, to collect data from the bow. Information from the flex sensor helps the archer learn how much to pull back the bow, while data from the accelerometers and gyroscopes help with angle and orientation.”
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Young Archer Develops Real-Time Archery Coaching App