180826 Money does not come if the “no fear” mentality is not there! How important is our “world view”?

Well, your mentality speaks volumes!
This hits right back at regional development when it comes to building up our own arenas in Oestersund and Aare.

People say that they are “open”, “driven”, “future thinking” but when time comes for action – they are afraid to walk where they have never walked before. When decision makers find ways to pull the brakes, it often happens that a lot of good people with driven minds below them will never be able to create opportunities.
When we do something new – I mean really ground breaking – it makes us all grow. Having a “no fear” world view where anything is possible gives us a different mindset, a “no fear” mentality and openness. Radiation and attraction – to attract investments – starts with our mentality!

This is crucial when to attract investors that are often very knowledgeable – at least those with the most money:-)
They invest in people just as much as strategies, if the people are not “in the right mentality and drive” there is a slim chance of investment.

When it comes to building stadiums, arenas or spots to create attraction – the “no fear” mentality is absolutely necessary! How you think is how you plan. It is important to plan out from the return on investment (ROI) and not start by thinking that you are limited in doing things because of lack of funds. If you are limiting yourself in your plans, how are you ever going to produce any ROI for an investor.
We need no top grade in maths to get that!

I am slightly fascinated by the new esports arenas, and I hope that Oestesunds Municipality are also – when they plan the future for the stadium. At this moment we have a huge asset in the stadium, but, as I see it, the mentality is miles behind to be able to take the action that the region needs.

What sets dedicated esports arenas apart from traditional stadiums?
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(Picture from Sporttechie)What Sets Dedicated Esports Arenas Apart From Traditional Stadiums