181025 Seen any talking robots around? My cool AI trip to Tech Days!

Artificial intelligence everywhere!
I am spending some days in Stockholm to attend a huge event organized by Microsoft (the picture should give you an idea of the number of people that are here!): TechDays.
Several experts from the American colossus are going to present the latest and most innovative technologies that Microsoft has developed and how scientists can make use of them.
We will talk about virtual reality, IoT, cybersecurity and much more, but what brought me here is a particular topic: artificial intelligence. This can be many things from talking robots to having data perform is certain ways – sounds strange? Complicated? Seen any talking robots around that can actually think for themselves?

Well, AI will be used in our project!

Yesterday I attended a pre-conference activity, where artificial intelligence was used to create a chat that can interact with users from a website or an app!
I am looking forward to hear more in the next days, and I will come back with more!