181028 AI is taking over, and we got a new case coming up!

Artificiell Intelligence is taking over! Check out the AI picture that I made of Stockholm!
And yes – we got a new case coming up with AI and Machine Learning, I will get back to this when we have started, very exciting and not as complicated as it sounds.

I just got back form the TechDays conference in Stockholm – it exceeded my expectations! We have talked about artificial intelligence and all the tools that Microsoft is creating with this technology. AI is used in several applications: from image processing to speech recognition, from data mining to strategic planning, but the list is much longer. Our project will of course use it within sports technology.

The speakers at the conference showed us some of the most unusual tools that make use of AI: a software that classifies the quality of for example wine, based on different parameters (pH, sulphurs, alcohol content, etc), an app that helps you recognizing mushroom species with your phone, a software that estimates your age and happiness level based on your face, etc.

Seeing so many applications makes you understand that AI will really have a huge impact on every aspect of our life in the next years.

If you want to make art with AI, click this link: https://deepart.io/. I have already created my image showing a view of Stockholm!