181123 Shaping of future sports by AI power!

Sometimes you need to reflect, and I guess I just did some of that.
Development around us is racing, and sometimes I feel I am actually at its core….and sometimes not.
Take for instance Artificial Intelligence. Only 5-6 years ago it was rare in sports, and now it is everywhere in shape of machine vision from chatbots and wearable tech to computer vision and more – this is running the show in so many sports today. It is proven that arenas and sports clubs that provide more personalized digital experiences to the audience, such as an app will increase both fan base and revenues.

Tech Emergence online writes about the first AI-powered wearable developed by a french start-up, PIQ and Everlast last year:
The “first AI-powered wearable for combat sports.” Crafted using GAIA Intelligence, (machine learning platform for sports analytics) the startup claims that the platform is capable of tracking and analyzing “microscopic variations in boxing movements” to help maximize the efficiency of workouts and training.
The data that are recorded can also be accessed through a phone app which allows users to track their activity and see how they compare to other users based on a leaderboard.

So what cool stuff can we expect in the future?
Some innovations will become the news of the past as new things develops around them – but some innovations will become trends, and later on part of new strategies that shapes the world.
It is a good bet to think that AI coaches will become normal in the future, as demand is a factor in this development. I also believe, but this is my personal stand point, that anything that has a strong demand will increase speed and push development so much harder in the future than today (and it is pushed already!). It is important to create strategies and tools to be able to stay on top of this fast race as every hype has a crowd that just tags along and lose control in the end.
I see AI changing the sports drastically – but for the better. AI is growing into a creative intuitive smart machine that can improve sports from many angles.

I cant wait for my own personal coach, advising me, making conclusions, looking amazingly hot for being…..AI 🙂