181207 Second case to internationalize: Chasing world record with Future Eyewear!

(Photo: Internet of Sports)
Christian Lanthaler from Italy, inside the windtunnel in Milan. Five times Water Skiing World Champion, two silver medals in the last two Alpine Skiing Paralympics. (He lost his leg when he was five.)
Chasing world records? Yes, that is how we roll…:-)
Well, at least, we are part of supporting it…Christian is aiming at breaking the speed word record on one leg (210 km/h). He is an amazing athlete!

Professor Matej Super and performance engineer Alessandro Galloppini have been working in Sweden and Italy since 2017 with the company Future Eyewear, to create a new “faster” helmet that is still comfortable and safe.

Alessandro explains the final test:
The appropriate wind tunnel was chosen according to the test specifications (maximum wind speed, air flow laminarity) and Newton Lab, Milan, Italy was selected since it satisfied all the requirements.

The tests allowed us to assess the resistance that a body opposes to the air flow and analyze any turbulence effect that could occur, at different wind speeds. The measurements were performed both with a human skier and with a sensorized dummy’s head, which provided additional information about the pressure distribution caused by the air flow on the helmets and the acoustic noise due to the wind.
(Photo: Internet of Sports)
Moreover, qualitative analyses were performed using smoke and tufts to provide information about the flow around the helmets and evaluate the presence of laminar or turbulent conditions. To compare the measurements with visual information, all the tests were also recorded with videocameras.
The data collected were analyzed to compare the performance of different helmets, establish which model had the best aerodynamical features and suggest possible improvements on the currently available products. From this collaboration between our project and Future Eyewear a new specification for an hopefully outstanding helmet has been created.