Staff, from left to right:
Gunmarie Persson, Hospitality Industry/social media
Kee Bergman, Project Manager/Market strategist
Benedikt Fasel, Case Supervisor/Doctor
Matej Supej, Senior Supervisor/Professor
HC Holmberg, International Senior Supervisor/Professor
Magnus Jacobsson, App developer
Michaela Hoernfeldt, Programmer
Alessandro Galloppini, Performance Engineer
Mathias Gilgien, Case Supervisor/Associate Professor
Adam Olofsson, Programmer
Mads Kjaer Madsen, Internships
Lars Hallstroem, Internships
Gustaf Holst, Internship inlines
Sophie Brundin, Internship public health
Marko Laaksonen, Senior Supervisor/Associate Professor
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With our excellent knowledge within sports- and performance technology, we create solutions and products that are not yet out there, we create tracking systems, working with sensor technology, Artificial Intelligence and many things within sports, health and outdoor that might come our way.

190207 Sofie is supporting Ski Team Sweden from the mountain in Aare!

The World Championships in Aare have started as we all know!
The past days have been very exciting and this is just the beginning! The first competitions already took place and the athletes are focused on their trainings: this is where our team took action. Filming the athletes on the slopes allows the coaches to have an in-depth analysis of their skiers’ performance. Doing this required careful preparation to find the correct equipment specifications and the optimal spot to film from. The feedback from the coaches was very positive, since the videos highlighted the weaknesses and strengths of their athletes, showing them how to perform at their best. This was also a lot of fun for our team, since we used snowmobiles to reach the desired place for the video shooting, driving at high speed up on the mountains!
(I hope you did not run into something so i get a surprise-bill or so…/Kee)