190312 Release of our GNSS system for XC and biathlon skiers! And it all happens during the World Championships on our home turf!

(Photo: Mid Sweden University)
Click on the link for press release:

We are excited to have finalized phase one in this prestigeous product, and will attend phase two for Ski Team Sweden, and also a new phase for public health for people to have fun with skiing using some of the functions.
World class science straight to end user – as it´s best!

Our project will give interviews during the World Championships-week for Swedish Radio P4 and TV Slovenia, represented by senior supervisor Marko Laaksonen and the projects board member Karin Mattsson, also representing WCR 2019, SWSRC and chairman of the Swedish Ski Federation. Marko will be interviwed by SVT (Swedish TV) and is a keynote speaker at the International Congress on Science and Skiing in Finland this week – where he will present our GNSS system: