190824 Amazing highly professional ski-tunnel in the Swedish village of Braecke, 1,3 kilometers long!


Open for business! Checking out the inside of the 1,3 kilometer highly professional ski-tunnel at -4 C. Outside in the parkinglot +27 C (Summer!) greeted us on departure. Photo: Internet of Sports.

Photo: Internet of Sports.
Project Manager Kee Bergman and myself, specialized in the outdoors, on the “2019 Inspirational Tour”, doing a “wearables, sensors, tracking, AI, apps”-walk-through at the ski-tunnel facility. I am standing by the screen, at the table parts of the leadership of the ski-tunnel and municipality, that bravely invested to drill into the mountain to create the professional all year around skiing opportunity – open to top athletes as well as exercising and fun! If you pass by the Swedish World Championships region, do not miss going to Braecke!
One of Swedens very small municipalities, but for sure one of the most brave, and a great example to us all!