191030 MTIF 2019 in Los Angeles – home of the brains! (of course we are there:-)

2.6(Photo: Internet of Sports, Gunmarie in the audience)
Below: Dr Chang on AI and Machine Learning that will be fundamental in the future just as putting your shoes on when you leave home. You will not even think about it, it will just be there naturally. Our project works with AI, and it is true that the more you know about it the more you feel it always should have been there.

(Photo: Internet of Sports, Dr Chang)

The MTIF 2019 was interesting. It focused on the individual healh tech situation and on prevention – why not take charge of your own situation?
One other important subject was financing, a vital subject for all research centras and organisations that wants to be competitive: To find financing and to commercialize products for end users is very important – plain exercise is simple – medtech is not – it has several regulations depending on the country of your choice.
At the moment it is a good time to put forward proposals and products, there is venture capital that is willing to take the risk and right now development cannot keep up with demand. So let us get in there!
The days in Newport Beach, Los Angeles, ended with start-ups presenting their new ideas, innovations and technology. Kudos to the ecosystem OctanE for a great arrangement!