191112 Alfred is fronting video spot with blood and exercise spirits!

2.2(Photo: Internet of Sports) Alfred Buskqvist, talented cross country skier played the central role in the media shoot that took place today at the project owner Swedish Winter Sport Research Centre´s localities at campus, Oestersund. Test leader Hampus Lindblom performing a blood test, and one more, and one more, and one more…..until it looked good on camera (yes, Alfred is still with us).
This shoot is a part of a presentation of our project and the project owner that will be made public in February 2020. Aare Media, a highly professional media company from Aare is making sure that the commercial spot will be perfect 🙂
If you are good at Swedish you can find more about Alfred here: http://www.alfredbuskqvist.com
(Photo: Internet of Sports)