200202 Emergent Technologies Institute – alligators and solar cell innovations in the backyard!

(Photo: Internet of Sports, left to right: Kee Bergman, Huzefa Kagdi, Chair and Professor, Peter Michael, Renewable Energy Outreach Director and Erika Brandt, representing Demokratikonsult for Department of Growth)

A place where ideas can grow!
We took a walk in the backyard of ETI where there were alligators in the channel and innovations built up for solar energy. Florida Gulf Coast University in Fort Myers is moving its positions forward to be a player in technology and sustainablity, and here they do it in a very personal way. ETI also takes an interest in societal challenges such as health tech. As a new centre they are open to collaborations and they have a great attitude!
The 3 year young ETI is a 26,000 square foot research and development complex designed to support new educational initiatives, enhance regional workforce and economic development, and foster collaboration involving higher education, government and industry. The ETI also is the first project in the Fort Myers ITEC, a 240-acre development planned as a magnet for technology and research companies.
We can´t wait to see what the future holds!