200211 The Venus Project in Florida – ecoliving is part of a healthy lifestyle! Jack Fresco – wow!

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A healthy way of living, environmental friendly as well as healthy – interesting do you think? Yes very much so, meet more truly amazing ideas and the late creator and futurist Jack Fresco here:
Below the model has been places in its environment, one of hundeds and hundreds of models – many if them used in well known movies. It was a journey that we had never taken before, just to walk through and look at all the models, it was breathtaking!
Inside one of the eco-houses, it feels like being in a hyper-modern home, very exciting compared to our ordinary constructions. Solutions with intake of daylight and solar cells for energy are built into the homes.J2.5
Jack Frescos co-founder and wife, Roxanne Meadows with her co-worker and marketeer, Nathanael Dinwiddie together with Erika outside one of the eco-homes.