200225 In the brave heart of health tech in Boston!

D25E4B61-2DDF-46DD-89CD-83FF76404F84 (Photo: Ebba Johansson, The Swedish American chamber of commerce, from left: Gunmarie, Kee, and the global management team Kirsten Plymale and Joyce Chen)

From New York straight to Boston – no time for rest, we are in the middle of driving development forward, creating new partnerships and of course SWSRC wants to be in the forefront!
Venture Cafe is going global with its great programs connecting thousands of companies and partnerships. Kee and Gunmarie at CIC, Cambridge Innovation Centre in the heart of Bostons pulsating tech district, working with MIT.

8FE2CDCF-DC85-4CBC-8161-BA9999EC3704(Photo: Internet of Sports, Kee meeting up with the global management, Sunanda Narayan at one of the larger ecosystems, Masschallence – for cooperation!)

F924C864-2D7E-412A-8AA6-2C03A8A4F60D(Photo: Internet of Sports, Gunmarie at Masschallenge)

50520567-7817-46EE-B3AD-84E7BE95EC08(Photo: Internet of Sports, Kee meeting up with Venture Cafes local organizer, Ruth Saunders)

We also visited a very interesting program called the Agency, one that is spreading to many cities working with inventioms for the elderly, run by Carrie Allen – from this some amazing innovations have been born.