So, what is “focused communication”?
What does it mean to utilize science in society?
And should I run for my life when I hear the word “commercialization”?
How important is Agenda 2030 – the global goals?

The process “science to market” is commonly used, but it is the way we communicate and work that makes all the difference. Everything starts from the global view, and if I want to be a contributor to society, development, to be a scientist or technician and reach success – I need to “suck in” the global view.
What is this?
This is understanding that demand and needs actually comes from the outer world, so I need to know what this looks like. And what more – this is the difference between a person that makes money on his/ her position and someone who doesn´t.
It is nothing wrong with earning your money from something that you like to do! Money keeps you doing it!

To communicate focused – to spread the knowledge around your product/ science or technique has to be communicated from the start, there can be no “gap” between science and end users – but there often is.
If you can create understanding around the development or science that you perform – you will see that people are interested. We are less interested in something that we don´t understand, and even more so – afraid of it!
Identify end users to integrate in the process. Talk to them! The key to speeding up the process to end users is to gather everybody from day one and find common understanding around functions and areas of use.

Stop a little while and think about who you want to be – a scientist that works in a university, or a scientist that works to meet demand of need owners and others in society – to commercialize science.
Who do you want to be?
To utilize research in society you need to understand demand and look for it. “Commercialization” is a natural part at the end of the chain beginning with science. Get used to the word – it describes how your science can make a difference to society.

Sustainability is very important, we are all part of saving our environment and to be inclusive to others. If you like the state of “smartness” you have to read through Agenda 2030 and to understand what it means. These are areas where you can support society with your science and keep it going.

a) What would be the most important thing to do or say to catch peoples interest and make them understand what advantage your science or product can give them?

b) Look at Agenda 2030 and pick your favorite goal to think about.