Company Partners

Communication with companies and organizations is ongoing and never stops. Involvement in cases from the beginning is important either as a producer/ supplier or the company or academy that will launch the product/ service, it can also be a sports club or a national team. With “mass follows class” we refer to top athletes pressuring products to the limit that we can scale down to mass market – to encourage citizens to exercise. This falls into our public health-goal, and is our way of working with Agenda 2030 – through public health and also through equality.

It is important to understand companies, organizations and end users. If you fail in one of them, lets say you don’t really understand how a company thinks – than you need to do your homework if you want to live on your science. Very few can live comfortably on their science without understanding what goes on around them. There are many talented scientists that live from government grants or project grants and that could have so much more to spend on what they are burning for.

a) Do you have strategic knowledge? Have you been in situations where it is needed?

b) Think about what type of scientist you would like to be, one with the global view that tries to understand the world around you, or one that stays with the details and has no interest to see so much more.

Everything is right, as long as it is right for YOU. But please take some time to think about it, as there will be several challenges in our societies that needs solutions – the door is open to an exciting future.