Feedback Loop

If there is no feedback, how can we continue? Then we don´t know what we are doing!

After launch the product will be in use. The loop containing feedback and communication continues back to the beginning, co-operating with nr 10 Strategize, where the new information is handled. Feedback from end users and need owners (the target group) is very important to develop new products and services or to add and develop the present one – this is no secret, but how to triangulate and put it into a new concept might be the difference between the wheat and the corn.

In triangulation you need to be able to open up to what is going on around you, to new expressions and other professionals. It is all this you need to view and connect together, what is going on, what is happening….what will the future look like, so where do my new concept land?

Feedback needs to come from the one that is using the service or product, and the one involved. Other types of feedback, more to observe the situation such as competition and events around you, has to come from the entities or people around you.

a) Give an example on when you need feedback, and why. Also describe what will happen if you don’t receive it, what will you base development on?