Field Test Development

One more part of the testbed contains going down to the alps in the Summer to run tests on snow.
it is important to learn that a development process for a completely new product or service is different from using already verified technique in a construction. You will need to estimate the time it takes to develop the product from scratch to prototype and production. It’s not simply to add deadlines like marketers or strategists do – this rarely works here. Well, maybe in a dream scenario, or if every test has a perfect outcome (hardly happens, sorry).

So how do you do it? We need at product to be released to end users on THAT date!

You need to master the dynamic between scientists, technicians and markets in order to be successful. While the testbed deadlines / deliverables can occur for a month or quarter, the market people´s deadlines need to be laid at the end of these periods. A product might test perfectly in one day, but if something in the data does not show what we like to see – we might need to test ten more times, so to cover our backs, and to meet the deadline we will use “month” as deliverable. That means that the market people can add their deadline by the end of that month.

So….this means that to fill the gap and meet the end user at the right time, a scientist needs to start to plan early, and it also needs to be a joint venture between science and market FROM DAY ONE.

a) Describe a situation that you have been in/ heard of where science successfully reached market/ end user or – it did not. Explain why it reached market, or why it did not.