What do you think about when you see words such as “markets” and “commercialization”?
Do you feel distant to them?
You can develop more and gain more opportunities if you see them as your friends.

Markets mean every space or arena where there are end users that can possibly use your science or bring in demand. Either an academy put out their services or tests here (utilization), or companies put out the same things and also products (commercialization).
Same thing – two mindsets!

Feedback is important, and communication continues with each stake holder/ actor in a feedback loop to science and market-watch within the project. This leads to new ideas and new development.

a) Two different mindsets. The academic mindset and the marketeer’s mindset.
How can we create a situation where these two can become more familiar with each others vocabulary and work together?

b) How can we talk more about utilization/ commercialization and work towards common goals?