Prepare for utilization

The company or academy will prepare the product for launch. In most cases this happens outside the testbed. It is on our side though, to keep track of the end user and markets up to the point right before preparing for production and/ or utilization (same as commercialization in “market language”).

We don’t want to develop something that will land on the market and found itself in immediate competition. The companies we work with are aiming to be stronger, so we need to be wide awake and take in signals – but at the same time the company has a large responsibility to be watching their own market. Development in tech runs very fast.

The most important matter in this area is for us to understand the nature of the company-processes to channel our science to make it beneficial and useful.

Remember that utilization/ commercialization is your best friend at any given time. This is the opportunity for a scientist to gain funds for what you most like to do – your science. This is why it is important to understand how to work with it.

a) Line up your areas of interest, and also write down where you find these areas in society and what companies that works with them. Add Agenda 2030 to the picture and see if any of your areas of interest hits right there.