This is an area of great importance. To achieve long term impact and to keep on developing new products and services that meets future demand, strategy is mandatory. When we arrive here at nr 10 the product we made are already aging.

Sometimes, and especially in health tech/ life science and industries that move rapidly, we constantly have to build new strategies from new demands. As we said, the feedback loop is vital to know how the end users feel about the product, but this also needs to be combined with the ongoing market watch. It all comes back to the global view – no matter what we do, the local view is depending on it. When the feedback comes in, it will be combined with new market intelligence and a new triangulation where old factors and factors that we estimate for the future are mixed together to find a new development. Skills in triangulation between “impossible” areas and future areas is absolutely necessary to have.

a) Now, read the chain again from 1 to 10. Is your mind open enough to be successful?