Test Bed

What is a testbed?
It is okay to not know the exact answer, there are several people who work near a test bed without really knowing what it can do – so, relax 🙂

Our testbed, or sandbox, has been a space or an outdoor area for “open innovation” where end users, scientists and companies meet and develop together in a case team. The team goes to the spot where the testbed will be set up.

And what do we do?
We experiment, collect data to analyze to find solutions, we try new things, put together prototypes, verify the technique and validate it so that the end user can be pleased with the end product or service.
A testbed is simply “a bed for tests”. The crucial thing in a testbed is the team and the collaboration in open innovation with markets and end users from step one, as step one has – for us – always been DEMAND.

Remember to look for DEMAND and build from that.
Also remember to allow any weird ideas or far out collaborations, this is a trigger to new outcomes.

One other thing that is very important to be aware of and include in your work are the global goals, Agenda 2030. This is the United Nations agenda for sustainability, and it is something that we have to integrate in everything that we do – and do it naturally. If it is too hard it will be boring, but you will find the goals interesting if you narrow yourself down a little bit and pick one or two to work with.

Here are the cases we have been working on between 2017 – 2020:

1. Ski Team Sweden
a) Alpine GNSS tracking system
b) Cross country/ biathlon GNSS tracking system
c) Biathlon app for females (periods) (with Umea University)

2. Swedish Olympic Commitee – App for acclimatization the 2021 Olympics (originally Tokyo 2020) (with Rinaldo project).

3. Company Case Future – Digitized speed helmets.

4. Company Case Arena – Arena management for youth competitions.

5. Company Case Ranbrandt – App for tourism and maps (moved to private actor for opportunity)

6. Company Case Marslade – Community/ app for tracking/ events.

7. Company Case Trangia – Digitized function on classical camping equipment.

8. Company Case Snowboard Consulting – Measuring for construction of new ramp.

9. Force plates – App training for elderly built on AI (moved to Umea University)

a) Look at the positions in the picture in chapter 10 that includes all the positions that you are reading about from 1-10 connected in the testbed. Create an example from R&D to market and describe the way through the system, also describe the roles in the team that need to execute it.

b) How do you integrate the global goals in your process?

Please check www.globalgoals.org