Validation Prototypes

Verification and validation are equally important, and they happen inside the testbed environment. Those two need to score 100%.

Are you into this?

Well, verification is to secure, for instance, that a software carries no bugs and meets specifications. When we have brought it up to a level where we can validate it we are ready for a broader test. With validation we secure that the product meets the needs and requirements of the end users. Is it ready for utilization?
When analyzing data anything can happen, as we have mentioned before – and when you put the prototype in the hand of the end user, well, today demand is very tricky and sets the bar high. How good does it need to be for the company that releases the product to be competitive?
Or is it an academy that is constructing the product from insights of aggregated data? Do they need to compete?

a) Describe a situation where a prototype has been verified and validated.
What do you do if the tests fail and the company or entity cannot afford any more testing of the product?

Do you release a product that is not good enough, or do you understand the value of a brand in the market? Discuss!